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Historically, investing in residential property has generated higher returns than those generated by the stock market and savings.



How it works

Invest in property from £100.

Invest as little as £100 up to as much as you like into properties of your choosing. We aim to provide you with access to exclusive institutional grade property investments which would otherwise be inaccessible to most investors.

You can build your own property portfolio by investing in a number of different properties on the platform. You can add funds and increase the size of your portfolio whenever you want, should you wish to do so. Its completely your decision as to what you invest in, how much you invest, and when you invest.

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Earn income

You will earn a share of any monthly rental income from your properties, proportional to the amount you invested in that particular property. You can either reinvest this income into new properties, or withdraw it. It’s your money, so it’s up to you.

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Benefit from owning property

As an investor and owner of property, your investment will be tied to any change in the value of the property and the wider market. Historically property has outperformed other forms of investment such as the stock market and savings.

*Past performance are not indicative of future returns.

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Sell your investment

You can offer your shares in a property for sale to other investors on the Brickowner secondary market whenever you wish. This is a market place where our members can sell and buy shares in properties. You can decide how much of your investment you want to sell, and at what price you want to offer it for sale. Alternatively you can remain invested in a property for the full investment term

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Transparent fees

At Brickowner we believe in transparent and easy to understand fees.

Brickowner charges a 3% fee on the amount invested, and then a 0.75% annual management fee for managing the investment.

No fee is charged by Brickowner when you sell your shares on the platform. The proceeds of a sale are yours to keep.

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What our Investors say

Secure & safe


Government regulated

Brickowner is an Appointed Representative of Gallium Fund Solutions Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is the UK organisation that regulates and supervises the financial services industry in the UK with the intention of protecting consumers.

ring fenced-Investments

Ring fenced investments

Your investments are ring-fenced and separated from the assets and liabilities of Brickowner Limited. Each property investment is made via a UK limited company that is distinct from Brickowner Limited. This means if Brickowner Limited were to fall into financial distress, it would not affect the value of your investment.

uninvested funds -are-protected

Uninvested funds are protected

Funds which are shown in your account on Brickowner which are not invested are held on trust in a segregated account on your behalf. This is a separate bank account which is protected and ring-fenced from Brickowner monies.

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